Synthetic Life in Dubai

Waterfall in the Dubai Mall

(c) Cynically Jaded

The main waterfall in the Dubai Mall is quite an attraction. It has the ability to keep you staring in awe at the sheer scale of it without realising that you’re about to throw up from being sea sick. The motion of the water running down its face is hypnotic in many ways, but the ill-fated men that are pinned to it by their nether regions (impressive!) leave a disturbing after taste since it flies in the face of the numerous notices around Dubai urging foreigners to observe a modest dress code out of respect for the local customs. 

It’s yet another contradiction of the wholesomeness that Dubai claims to offer, but is generously draped in a synthetic lifestyle that appeals to everything but spirituality. Dubai has been successful at making modesty a status symbol. Synthetic life. That is the single most prominent thought that echoed in my head on our visit to Dubai. The visit made me appreciate the comforts of home so much more. 

Everything we saw was drenched in artificial elegance, and pretentious splendour. My excitement at approaching the aquarium in the mall was very quickly doused by the reality of the massively inflated prices for a lack-lustre attraction. I have never seen so many fake plants in a natural exhibit of wildlife before in my life. I hope to share some of those photos in a later post. But for now, enjoy the generously endowed men sticking it to the waterfall. It left me giggling through my nausea for a long time.

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