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I think the problem is few people actually believe democracy works, therefore they do not exercise justified measures to prevent some of the things you listed. I mean it in the very general sense of democracy. It requires emphasis on self-reliance.

The problem I have with democracy is that the majority will always over rule the minority regardless of how many millions that minority may be. So it’s a game of numbers that trivialises the real issues.

But I’m still more intrigued and disgusted by how men can behave with such ruthlessness when attacking men, women and children from their own communities. In South Africa I could still rationalise it. It was based on racial and cultural hatred albeit based on gross ignorance. But in the Arab world, it doesn’t make sense to me. I struggle to understand how a man can gun down, brutally rape, torture or maim people simply because they don’t support the man that’s paying his salary? Let’s forget that this is often Muslim on Muslim violence, because that would take the insanity to an entirely different level.

This is just beyond my level of comprehension. Every single one of those men that shoot innocent civilians is a father, or husband, or son. How deep must their allegiance and hatred run for them to act in such a barbaric manner sincerely believing that they’re carrying out a justifiable and meritorious duty for a dictator? The brainwashing and indoctrination is just absurd!


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