Beautiful Recitation, Haunting Irony


Beautiful Tajweed by a man in Hamra street (Beirut, Lebanon).

So beautiful, but so sad at the same time. The Youtube comments sum it up the best: “Prophet pbuh said Islam will return to this state. It will become “ghereeb” (strange). Islam started strange and it will end strange…” and “Is this what our ummah has come down to? A poor man reciting Qur’an on the side of a street for money, while everybody walks pass him?”

This is beautifully recited, but it reminded me of the following hadith from Bukhari:

Narrated Abu Huraira: Once while I was in a state of fatigue (because of severe hunger), I met ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab, so I asked him to recite a verse from Allah’s Book to me. He entered his house and interpreted it to me. (Then I went out and) after walking for a short distance, I fell on my face because of fatigue and severe hunger. Suddenly I saw Allah’s Apostle standing by my head. He said, “O Abu Huraira!” I replied, “Labbaik, O Allah’s Apostle, and Sadaik!” Then he held me by the hand, and made me get up. Then he came to know what I was suffering from. He took me to his house, and ordered a big bowl of milk for me. I drank thereof and he said, “Drink more, O Abu Hirr!” So I drank again, whereupon he again said, “Drink more.” So I drank more till my belly became full and looked like a bowl. Afterwards I met ‘Umar and mentioned to him what had happened to me, and said to him, “Somebody, who had more right than you, O ‘Umar, took over the case. By Allah, I asked you to recite a Verse to me while I knew it better than you.” On that Umar said to me, “By Allah, if I admitted and entertained you, it would have been dearer to me than having nice red camels.

The condition of Muslims was dire even during the time of Rasulullah (SAW). For me, the good in this is that his recitation was still appreciated by many that passed him and many that even stopped to greet and assist him. His choice of Surah is also very touching, since Surah Duha has a profound meaning for someone in his condition:

By the forenoon (after sunrise).

By the night when it darkens (and stand still).

Your Lord (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) has neither forsaken you nor hates you.

And indeed the Hereafter is better for you than the present (life of this world).

And verily, your Lord will give you (all good) so that you shall be well-pleased.

Did He not find you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) an orphan and gave you a refuge?

And He found you unaware (of the Qur’an, its laws, and Prophethood) and guided you?

And He found you poor and made you rich (self-sufficient with self-contentment)?

Therefore, treat not the orphan with oppression.

And repulse not the beggar.

And proclaim the Grace of your Lord (i.e. the Prophethood and all other Graces).

~ Muhsin Khan Translation

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