Still The Distracted Ummah

The sad reality of this Ummah is that it is prone to being divisive while crying for unity. We find it so simple to speak disparagingly about the personal perspectives that some adopt, and choose to openly mock them in their absence, thinking that not mentioning names is sufficient to free us of the hypocrisy [...]

Beautiful Recitation, Haunting Irony

memonite: Beautiful Tajweed by a man in Hamra street (Beirut, Lebanon). So beautiful, but so sad at the same time. The Youtube comments sum it up the best: “Prophet pbuh said Islam will return to this state. It will become “ghereeb” (strange). Islam started strange and it will end strange…” and “Is this what our [...]

These are the words of someone who fully understood singing and its effects, for no one regularly sings or listens to song except that his heart falls into (nifaq) Hypocrisy without him realizing. If such a person understood the reality of nifaq and its end he would see it in his own heart. Never do [...]

Mishary Alafasi – Ash-Sharh

al-muminun: Surat Ash-Sharĥ (The Relief) - سورة الشرح 1.    Did We not expand for you, [O Muhammad], your breast? 2.  And We removed from you your burden 3.  Which had weighed upon your back 4.  And raised high for you your repute. 5.  For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. 6.  Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. 7.   [...]

The Gift of Children

partytilfajr: “and children as [love’s] witnesses,” [74:13] Muhammad Asad I was reading The Qur’an yesterday, and as I was taking notes, on the issue of how The Qur’an explains who God guides to Faith, but it was this seemingly innocuous ayah, one that follows one of the most important ayahs in The Qur’an, that truly [...]