Islam versus Democracy

I've seen a number of people suggest that the current state of affairs in Egypt is proof that Islam doesn't work. I disagree. In fact if anything, it proves that democracy doesn't work. Then when there is an illegal coup that suits the ones with the physical might over the populace, it's framed as the [...]

The Real Definition of Bid’ah

partytilfajr: This video, with English subtitles, explains a term Muslims (today) love to throw around like candy: Bid’ah. Unfortunately, we do not understand how serious this term is, and so, take a seat and listen to the Grand Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa. Some really important points raised in this video which re-emphasise the issue [...]

twtweekly: Egypt state news agency says Mubarak is “clinically dead.” I just really dig those shades. You reckon the light is bothering him in his current state? Or perhaps he needs it when he finally sees the light? Hmmm…just wondering… :-/

roxygen replied to your post: Further to my earlier post, I find it morbidly… I think the problem is few people actually believe democracy works, therefore they do not exercise justified measures to prevent some of the things you listed. I mean it in the very general sense of democracy. It requires emphasis on self-reliance. [...]