What is normal?

Look around you…who do you notice? The normal people or the ones that stand out? Do you notice the eccentric characters, the passionately inspiring ones, or the ones that just go with the flow? 

The ones that go with the flow are normal. 90% of the world population is normal. 5% are struggling with the urges to resist it. And 5% are true to themselves. That last 5% are the ones that make a difference. They’re the ones that inspire not because they want to, or because they try to, but simply because they have the courage to be themselves. The 90% sit and admire and aspire and desire to be like them. 

That other 5% can’t decide which way they want to swing on this. Still want to be normal? Don’t. Normal is boring. Normal is predictable. Normal is dull. Normal is insincere and cowardly. Normal sucks. 

Be yourself. That’s the greatest thing you’ll ever be able to achieve, because in this world of conformity, it’s almost impossible to know who you are unless you dig really deep. So dig…and don’t stop until you find yourself. If nothing else, let that be the purpose of your life. 

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