Creative Exercise

Put your mouth on my eyelids and kiss me where I’ve been blessed.  Bless me, bless you


said goodbye last night.  He meant to leave before the sun rose, but he just stood in the doorway not ready to 


me, forget you.  The thing is, we can’t forget and that’s the curse we carry as 


we’re designed with a purpose.  What is this purpose?  Well, we’ve forgotten over time.. Oh wait I just said we can’t forget; Humans too are full of 


fall like dandruff from your hair, time and time again, as your fingers snap to the cheery beats and your eyes sob for your 


left us dry and with no rain, left us basking in our shame, baking, blistered by our


bleeds, but that blood soon scabs and when it’s dry and bitter you can flake it right 


on, off, on, off.  The light switch gets sick.  I like it better with the lights 


my skin, the flesh of a womb, you cum so happily 


is something I’ve found that I pray to God I never lose.  I pray to God I still find 


is a prism shaped word that sits charming and dazzling on the imagination of my 


tasting, I long to taste the flavor, and when I do I’ll smile, full.


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