Plight of the Rohingya Muslims


We keep seeing the plight of the Rohingya Muslims being publicised, but it doesn’t show one really despicable side to the entire tragedy. Look at this video, and you’ll be hard pressed not to want to spit in the face of the PM of Bangladesh, whom I’m inclined to believe is a Muslim as well, given her name, and given that Islam is the religion of 90.4% of the population according to statistics from 2010. 

So here’s the question…how can we expect Muslims to be treated like human beings anywhere in the world, if we can’t see fit to fulfil our own responsibilities towards them in our own back yards? Look around the world and see how many conflicts involving Muslims have proclaimed Muslims on both sides of the conflict? Then look at those where the Muslims are being attacked by non-Muslims and see how many Muslim states are intervening or overtly providing assistance to the Muslims? 

Muslims should hang their heads in shame. We’re the biggest preachers and biggest critics, with the best debating skills at exposing the flaws of our fellow Muslims and finding the most petty bullshit to argue about and find reason to create sects and divisions, but ask us to unite behind a common enemy and even then we’ll get into a debate about whose responsibility it is. 

Please correct me if I’m wrong in anything I’m saying here, but watch the video first and then tell me how much compassion exists amongst the Ummah for fellow Muslims. The compassion of the layman is irrelevant when the governments that we support and vote into power don’t give a damn about our collective responsibility, while we’re powerless and impotent to change any of it. 

Like the Arabs say, your leaders are as you are. We’re even pathetic enough to find reason to compete between our own charitable organisations instead of joining forces at the most basic level of civil assistance. Astaghfirullah!

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