What’s your reason?

The moon and star symbols were never used during the time of Rasulullah (SAW), nor during the time of the rightly guided caliphs thereafter, and not even for a few hundred years after the demise of Rasulullah (SAW). So what’s your excuse for using it? Because you found your forefathers doing so? Or because the corrupt house of Saud uses it to deface the two most sacred mosques?

Does the fact that it stems directly from pagan worship have no effect on you? Or do you think that it’s ok to adopt such symbols and apply it differently, whilst being passionately vocal about other so-called innovations and subscribing to sects that never existed during the time of Rasulullah (SAW) or the chosen generations that followed?

Are you actively contributing towards the double standards that plague the Ummah? Or is everything assumed to be ok because there’s so much worse that we could be doing? I find it weird that some can go around condemning others for grave worship of Muslim ‘saints’ and other sins while at the same time proudly using the pagan symbols to confirm their identity as a Muslim.

Why is it that no one is willing to engage on this? Is this the proverbial elephant in the room for the Ummah? 

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