Question – To Blog or Reblog?

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Well I follow some prose blogs,I haven’t found any blog which doesn’t include reblogs yet but I’ll look through my dash and let you know 🙂 Also I have been meaning to ask do you have a degree in language? Your writing is so eloquent and refined.

I really don’t mind the reblogs. It’s the chronic reblogger that tends to annoy me because that clutters up my dash to a point where I sometimes had to literally go through about 5 or 6 pages just to get to the content of the other blogs that I follow. 

Thanks for the compliment, but to answer your question, I actually haven’t even finished high school, let alone completed any tertiary studies. So everything I know is largely based on life/work experience, and hardly anything through formal study. Hence my aversion to academics. 🙂

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