Question – Handwriting Analysis


Picture of my handwriting, needing cynicallyjaded to interpret my handwriting for me!

Ok, here goes nothing…again. 🙂

There’s a few interesting characteristics in your handwriting, but unfortunately due to the blurry nature of the image, it’s difficult to note the more subtle details. So here’s a high level take on what I think your signature and handwriting says about you.

  1. The signature indicates a very resolute disposition that suggests a high level of confidence and an extroverted nature
  2. However, the signature also suggests that you may be somewhat rigid in your views, although you tend to internalise a lot of it before you actually express yourself to others, but once you’ve decided on a position or stance, you drive it through without wavering
  3. On the other hand, your handwriting suggests that you have some underlying doubts in the way in which you formulate your opinions. Even after you arrive at what you believe is a reasonable outcome, you hesitate to follow through. (Not sure if that makes sense?)
  4. Despite your confidence, you have an introverted side to your personality but you don’t let it show easily
  5. You’re still finding your ‘rhythm’ so you fluctuate in your personal communication style sometimes being measured, yet other times being impatient, but almost always with a heavy focus on detail
  6. One more thought about your signature, you switch off once you reach a point of certainty that you’ve expressed yourself sufficiently beyond which any attempts to discuss an issue further will probably not make much progress at all.

Keen to get your feedback about this. I could be way off the mark, but either way, I’d like to gauge what may or may not be true from what I’ve stated above. 

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