Question – Handwriting Analysis

remorsecode: Picture of my handwriting, needing cynicallyjaded to interpret my handwriting for me! Ok, here goes nothing…again. 🙂 There’s a few interesting characteristics in your handwriting, but unfortunately due to the blurry nature of the image, it’s difficult to note the more subtle details. So here’s a high level take on what I think your signature [...]

Depression is a Symptom, Not A Root Cause

imaan-daar: cynicallyjaded replied to your post: I have come to notice that depression remains… I disagree that it is an illness, but I agree that it is a very real mental state. The difference is huge, and the path towards healing is vastly different between the two perspectives. Therapy is only ever an intervention strategy, [...]

Cultural Appropriation (cont.)

coragem: This is for cynicallyjaded, who was interested in my views on cultural appropriation. I feel that the careless throwing around of the term cultural appropriation somewhat deligitimises it when it actually occurs. A non-native wearing Native American tribal headdresses and prancing around with facepaint on, or someone wearing a bindi with no regard for [...]