Pompous Pursuits

Apparently I use too big words in my business emails at the office. I was ‘reprimanded’ today by a very senior member of the organisation regarding my use of ‘big words’ when questioning or explaining issues in email. This is hilarious in a number of ways, most importantly in that the people that generally accuse me of such nonsense are academically superior with one or more university degrees and other nonsensical acronyms embellishing their CV’s and email signatures in their efforts to be taken seriously by those of us that are intimidated by vacuous theory.

This further cements my view that academic pursuits, unless vocational by nature, are a waste of a good mind. It pumps largely unusable rubbish into the heads of intelligent beings and turns them into zombies trying to unravel mysteries and conform to expectations established by their own pompous pursuits. Academics rarely make a significant contribution to humanity. Only that 1% that are able to practically apply their knowledge to improve their quality of life and the lives of those around them actually enjoy any return on investment, both monetary and otherwise, from their years of self-inflicted torture.

It reminds me of individuals that I’ve often interviewed as potential candidates in various roles in IT within my team that proudly proclaim their BSc degrees as having been significant achievements in their lives, only to slip back and cringe in their seats when I ask them how much of what they studied is actually still relevant or can be practically applied to their chosen careers. We need a college or university degree to be developed around common sense. Maybe that way it will finally become as common as it needs to be.

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