The demise of this world will result from the intellectual laziness that is excessively camouflaged by the brain numbing acquisition of useless information through academic pursuits disguised as models against which free thinkers are supposedly developed. CJ

Useless Consultants

Nothing is more frustrating than having to watch obscenely paid consultants talk absolute bullshit, watch the ignorant groupies gather around them trying to figure out the problem that was just created by said consultants in their efforts to articulate a solution, and then having to step in to restore sanity to the context of the [...]

Question – Pompous Pursuits

doctorofnothing replied to your post: Pompous Pursuits what do you do? but yeah… most academic pursuits are vocational training no matter how you label it. after all, that’s the point of existence within the modern framework. I’m an IT professional with a really weird job description. Actually, I’m not even in IT any longer, but [...]