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what do you do? but yeah… most academic pursuits are vocational training no matter how you label it. after all, that’s the point of existence within the modern framework.

I’m an IT professional with a really weird job description. Actually, I’m not even in IT any longer, but as fate would have it, I now define policies, strategies and processes to guide the interactions between IT and the Business divisions of the company I work at. I guess, in a nutshell, I create order out of chaos. I implement good governance and common sense where none exists. 🙂

I agree that most academic pursuits could be viewed as vocational, but I guess this is a good time to bring in that issue of context, right? Problem is, far too many people don’t apply their minds sufficiently when they start out studying, or maybe that’s just the case with people in the industries that I’ve encountered. My generalisations would typically exclude people in the medical, legal and engineering fields since those are very specific streams of study that can be and is applied directly and practically to their chosen career path. But given that I’ve debated circles around people who claimed to hold doctorates in various disciplines, while I myself have barely even finished high school without any tertiary studies, it leaves me somewhat disillusioned to see the glaring gap of common sense in people that spend so many years of their lives acquiring knowledge that they’ll never use. 

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