Useless Consultants

Nothing is more frustrating than having to watch obscenely paid consultants talk absolute bullshit, watch the ignorant groupies gather around them trying to figure out the problem that was just created by said consultants in their efforts to articulate a solution, and then having to step in to restore sanity to the context of the discussion and to salvage what little value remains in the workshop while being paid a market related salary for a job description that is only a tenth of your scope of accountability.

But, as is clearly evident on Tumblr and in real life, the laziness of those with authority and cheque books will always result in titles being respected, if not revered, more than real world wisdom because appreciating real world wisdom requires the establishment of an informed opinion on a subject. And then to add insult to injury, having to sit quietly trying to justify why logic is logical, and having to over exert yourself to get the illogical to be convinced that 1+1=2 not just because you say so, but simply because it does.

The demise of this world will result from the intellectual laziness that is excessively camouflaged by the brain numbing acquisition of useless information through academic pursuits disguised as models against which free thinkers are supposedly developed.

2 responses to “Useless Consultants”

  1. LOL – touche! I actually relate intellectual laziness (in the context above) to moral atrophy … leading to a complete breakdown of anything and everything that holds any intrinsic value…because at some point, the few that have any compunction left will have their efforts frustrated and give up.

    • Hear ye! Hear ye! And after attending the IT Leaders Africa summit this week, this experience with the consultants was once again relived. The quality of leaders or strategists that are able to inspire or influence in this space in South Africa is so disheartening that I’m almost tempted to step up and volunteer to be a speaker at the next conference. Yikes!

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