Sheikh Google

Many take a condescending tone when referring to ‘Sheikh Google’ but from what I can tell, Sheikh Google is exposing more disbelievers to Islam, and facilitating more reversions than any real life sheikh I’ve heard of. The risk of misinformation is no different than the potential of interested parties innocently contacting misguided scholars or imams in their search for Islamic knowledge. But again, it’s more a clever twist of words that makes it an attractive phrase rather than its genuine appeal to intellect and wisdom.

Yet another example of the ‘scholars’ or students of knowledge misconstruing the medium for the content that is available through it. Also a really good example of extremism by dismissing an entire channel for education simply because some abuse it. That’s like saying that knives should be made haraam because some people kill and injure and rob others with it. 

An absence of logic in the pursuit of scholarly titles is in fact a major disservice to the Ummah rather than a fulfilment of a calling to Allah’s path. 

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