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  • Hijacked Agenda

    At some point in our history, Islam was hijacked by well-meaning community leaders and turned into a religion of fear and compliance, rather than the balanced lifestyle that it actually propagates. It’s that eternal struggle for balance that was probably lost when people veered from the practices of moderation and sincerity because of a fundamental […]

  • Reflections on Islam as we know it

    The more I learn and experience and the more I witness with my own eyes, the more I realise that Islam is not nearly as monolithic as many would like to believe it is. Far too often I come across many sahih ahadith (authentic narrations) that are seldom quoted when I see the raging debates […]

  • The Arrogance of Religiosity

    My pet peeve on Tumblr, and in general regarding the way we address each other, is still the haughtiness that is displayed by people that pretend to be sincere in their use of the term ‘Oh so-and-so…’. Then there are those that use words like ‘Indeed’ and ‘Verily’ in their posts disguised as advice as […]

  • Know Your Enemy

    arabarabarab: “When they took away my children in 1995, they also killed me – in the most brutal manner. This is not life …. I had my family and in just one day I’m left without them, without knowing why. And every morning I ask myself why, but there is no answer. My children were […]

  • Sheikh Google

    Many take a condescending tone when referring to ‘Sheikh Google’ but from what I can tell, Sheikh Google is exposing more disbelievers to Islam, and facilitating more reversions than any real life sheikh I’ve heard of. The risk of misinformation is no different than the potential of interested parties innocently contacting misguided scholars or imams […]

  • Which version of Islam would you like today?

    Sadness is…seeing Islam being watered down on Tumblr in order to maintain follower counts and appease fans. Finding ways to make Islam more palatable to those that are deliberately looking for loopholes does not invite others towards Islam, but instead invites them to a new permutation of what used to be Islam. This is the […]

  • Scholarly Debates Gone Wrong

    Here’s a very interesting article that a sister shared with me today. It provides some much needed context on the four madhabs. However, the most interesting part for me was the extended debates at the end of the article in the comments section. A few really important points that I liked are quoted below:Imam Al […]

  • The best of kings are at the doors of scholars, and the worst of scholars are at the doors of kings.