Astral Travelling

I want to astral travel. It’s something that has fascinated me all my life, and for some reason I was reminded about it again tonight. But my mind is always racing these days, so I’ll never be able to achieve the meditative state that will make it possible. But I want to do it really badly. This physical form just doesn’t hold much appeal for me any longer. 

I want to be able to voluntarily step outside of my body and observe the world through untethered eyes. I want to see how truly enslaved we are by our physical form so that I can appreciate every vision that I behold of spaces I’ll never be able to fill. I don’t just want to dream. I want to will myself to travel through the earth without boundaries, or limitations in movement or passage. I want to liberate my spirit from my physical form so that I can immerse myself into the beauty of the physical form. 

It’s always in the absence of something that it is appreciated, and perhaps the same will be true for my body. I’m not unappreciative for my health and my physical abilities. I consider myself blessed in every way. But this will give me an insight and appreciation that would otherwise not be possible. I want to rise above myself, deliberately and consciously. But not permanently, just yet.

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