The dearth of expectations

Disappointment is a dampener, a wet blanket, a downer and a doos*. It’s a taunting reminder that despite our best efforts, we live with expectations and not hope. Living selflessly, or at least as selflessly as your ego would allow, is limited only by the lack of reciprocation from those for whom we sacrifice. 

But those sacrifices are not always overt. Sometimes it’s as subtle as restraining yourself from doing or objecting to something you would otherwise not allow to persist. … this is starting to sound like superfluous bullshit.

It’s actually simply this. I once again invested in the coaching and mentoring of an individual that assumed the position of entitlement and in a single sentence was able to dismiss every ounce of personal extension that I afforded her in my efforts to encourage her to be more than she thought she was capable of. 

But the real joke in all this is that I expected anything more!

*doos – pronounced ‘dwerse’, which is South African slang of Afrikaans origin that refers to the female genitalia in a derogatory manner

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