Breathe. (because everything will be okay).


It’s time to breathe every breath with conviction. Like you’ve earned them. The fight you’ve been fighting everyday for as long as you can remember. It seems to never end. And when hope of a finale comes it’s only dampened by the realisation that this particular fight was only a prequel to what is soon coming. So breathe, rest and prepare for the next round.

It’s time to take a breath. A sigh of relief creeps between your lips and you know in that moment, the moment where all stands still and a peace creeps in just before that waft of air escapes your lips and your shoulders slouch down and the rest of you tenses to take what’s coming, you are stronger than anyone had ever thought you could possibly be. Sometimes you think you’re weak but how could you be if you’re still standing?

And then you know. There is no running, no escape. It’s time to grab your heart and face your next battle. An alcoholic father, an addiction, an abusive husband, the stresses and strains of everyday life. They never cease to find us. No matter how far we run. So it’s time to breathe a breath that surges oxygen to awaken every dormant ounce of strength in you. Breathe and feel that peace before everything in you gets ready to fight.

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