Lethargic efforts…

I wish wannabe poets would actually pay attention to simple spelling and grammar. Nothing spoils a potentially good piece more than shoddy typing or use of language. Contaminating poetry with the use of ‘text/sms’ lingo is inexcusable. Using accepted jargon is one thing, but replacing ‘you’re’ with ‘your’ and ‘their’ with ‘there’ shows a total lack of appreciation, if not common sense about simple words that should’ve been learnt in your early school years. They have very different meanings and using them incorrectly makes an otherwise logical statement illogical. 

Get it right already, or else don’t write! You’re doing a disservice to yourself and to those that read your work if you don’t have the time or conviction to put effort into what you’re writing. Just having something to say is worthless if you don’t bother to say it in a way that will actually make sense to the person expected to read it. There’s no point in using your writing/blogging/tweeting to make a statement to the world if your statement is nonsensical. 

That’s just my little rant from those of us that do appreciate an intelligent, rather than spastic use of the language.

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