I’m sitting here, staring at my keyboard, desperately wanting to write something that would bring some semblance of solace or calm to my existence right now, but nothing. Complete and utter nothingness. That’s how empty and insignificant life appears to be right now.

Not even a deep sigh provides any relief. The bitter taste of betrayal lingers for so long when dished out in cold healthy servings by one most loved. I’ve got so many questions that will never be answered. Important questions. Questions which if answered, may hold some promise of peace or at least relief from the angst of not knowing. But not even this small mercy is offered. Is this the price to be paid for believing in someone? For assuming the best of them and looking past their failures and accepting them for all the beauty they hold inside but are too afraid to show the world from fear of ridicule or rejection? Can someone really be so calculated and cruel by nature, or is it fear, paralysing fear that brings out the worst cowards in us?

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