I’ve learnt that at some point the obvious will always reign supreme, whilst your dreams will fade into oblivion. The bite of reality is far more vicious than its bark. Don’t confuse ambition with dreams…they’re very different in so many ways…passion is what drives ambition…and when I’ve figured out what drives dreams, I’ll be sure to share that bit of useless information as well.

Update: Dreams are inspired by our insecurities…and our insecurities are triggered by our fears of insignificance, incompetence and stupidity. So we seek ways to build defence mechanisms to hide those fears so that no one else sees, and when we feel secure that we have that covered, we start dreaming of having someone close by that will accept us with those shortcomings so that the excessive energy that is expended to maintain those defense mechanisms can finally be focused on romancing someone that sees the beauty of our souls rather than judging our facade. A load of hog wash, I know…but you have to admit, it’s thought provoking…


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