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  • Inspiration Escapes Me

    It’s been a while since I’ve had any inclination to write, or ramble. Not very inspired right now either, but with so much happening, it may prove to be therapeutic. I just sold my dearly beloved car, am in the process of entering the market of the unemployed, and have yet to figure out the […]

  • Thoughting too much

    I started out on this blog intent on not turning it into a negative rant about what erks me in life, but rather to write blurbs about what’s quirky in life…I lose focus so easily…so here’s to another attempt at getting this right. I’ve chosen to recede from the rat race but not from life. […]

  • Cynic’s Paradise

    I stumbled across a website recently that claims to be a sanctuary for cynics. I think they got it all wrong…there is no sanctuary for cynics, only platforms from which their exaggerated attempts to impress others while unintentionally exposing their desperation to be acceptable by those they admire but despise because they’ve never been deemed […]

  • Who Cares?

    When afliction hits me, it’s so easy to slip into a state of self-pity, or more accurately self-loathing and dismiss everything of significance as nothing at all, simply because it seems like no one cares at all. I’ve often wondered how faith in a greater power may or may not affect this state of mind. […]

  • An Old Song…

    The lyrics of a song by an old crooner comes to mind right now…that old familiar forgotten feelings come rushing, all over my mind…pity though that those feelings are not entirely pleasant or welcomed. The search for a space to call my own continues…if only the fool in me will die so that the endless […]

  • Blank again…

    Nothing comes to mind right now…just the usual negative crap on a Monday morning, so more accurately, nothing substantial or worth repeating comes to mind right now. Except sleep…and of course that destructive being that used to be a source of warmth and happiness, but has since chosen to withhold her bounties in order to […]

  • Comfortably Numb

    Sometimes the predictability of just laying on that cold floor knowing you’re being walked all over offers more comfort than the hope of being accepted and loved for what little you have to offer.

  • Ubridled Venom

    How I wish I was capable of that…but my anal upbringing about being responsible and decent and well mannered has pretty much inhibited any such raw expression of emotion…so WTF will have to suffice for now…as if anyone gives a crap either way…