After reading the preview I was curious to see what the book had to offer. Needless to say I was not disappointed. I found that in many instances the book was speaking to me as I found myself reading certain passages over and over again because I could relate to it in so many ways. The collection of essays that described the author’s personal journey of introspection and self-awareness was particularly appreciated. The essays are not too long or tedious, and come with headings and quotes, and are well written. This is definitely a recommended read and worth packing around for personal reference. Sometimes it takes courage to be self aware and listen to the voices of others. I was left with the belief that it is necessary, achievable, and worthy of such a personal investment.

Connie Yang (Economist)

I read the Prologue and the first chapter! I am very intrigued!!

I could not stop nodding my head reading it. It’s a very self-aware view of things. But I can’t stop laughing reading your book. But in a good way!

“Do not confuse mindfulness with meditation or reflection. They are each unique in their own rights.”

I have said that so many times to my friends who meditate.


I loved your book. It was an absolute pleasure to read. I go back to it from time to time, to steal quotes and pretend that they’re mine. 🙂