Suicide of a Romantic

What is it that stops us from affirming others while they're alive, as opposed to waiting for their demise before singing their praises? Perhaps we're afraid of being held accountable for our kind thoughts which denies us that ever convenient exit of 'I knew it' or 'I told you so' or 'I should've known better'?


Drakensburg mountain range in KZN (South Africa) The only word that comes to mind when trying to describe the view I recently took in on a mountain pass through the Drakensburg range is what my 5 year old daughter used to describe every awe-inspiring thought, sight or experience she was exposed to. Awesome! What wasn't

My True Worth

I used to openly discuss my income with people close to me. It was purely an academic discussion on my part, but was often misconstrued by even my closest family members as being an indication of my views about my worth relative to their own. Too often we base the value of our self worth on

I’m Thankful…or am I?

Gratitude is not simply a state of mind, but rather a state of being. Appreciating someone but restraining yourself from openly expressing it, verbally or otherwise, is of no use to them, and only sows the seeds of selfishness in your own heart. True appreciation would result in a willingness to acknowledge the impact that

The Struggle Continues

One thing that never seems to cease in life, well my life anyway, is my inability to prove my capability independent of the snide remarks of those around me. There's more often than not someone ready to tell me why what I'm doing will not work or why I should be cautious, but never someone


I'm not quite sure which is worse, the insincerity of someone pretending to love, or that of someone pretending not to...the former still has the potential to create some good, because even if we develop a sense of belonging or a feeling of being needed based on a false premise, as long as its maintained,