The Need to Fear

We know our fears too well, and our needs to little. We’re so focused on protecting ourselves from our fears that we’ve convinced ourselves that this need for protection is in fact our needs. It’s not. We’re out of touch with ourselves and what we need, and this is why it is so hard to connect with anyone these days. Everyone is too busy protecting themselves, and too few realise that making a genuine human to human connection is what removes most of those fears. That isolation and loneliness that you fear immediately subsides the moment you feel that connection. But that connection is not through a text message, or a selfie. It can only be felt when you engage face to face while your body language is congruent with your emotions. But again, we have so many social filters established that we force our body language to match our statements, while our hearts are screaming to be let out of the choke hold that we have it in. But we won’t let it go. Letting it go means allowing others to see the real you, and because you don’t love who you’ve become, you have yet another reason to hide your true self from the world, while your heart screams on for release. If I asked you to drop your social filters and to be absolutely truthful with yourself, would you even know which social filters you have up? Would you even know what truth feels like?

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