To those who follow/read Gossip Muslimah


Gossip Muslimah first appeared a few months ago and introduced itself as a gossip source for Muslims …on Muslims. Everyone was invited to submit – anonymously or not – anything they knew about other Tumblrers. According to the unnamed people behind Gossip Muslimah, a little more than 500 people followed them within a few days. However, after an outcry the blog was deactivated.

Ironically enough it was relaunched today, right in the middle of Ramadan – a month of fasting with the senses and mind. Considering the massive number of people online on their site, I suppose they would have never taken the risk to come back if there wasn’t an audience to expect. 

Regardless, there are bigger problems at hand here. Back-biting, gossip, and lies among many other acts clearly are forbidden so allow me to pass over reminders on the gravity of evil deeds. If you followed Gossip Muslimah in the past, or if you were looking forward to reading their posts, you were equally at fault. That is why the Prophet ﷺ said: “The backbiter and his listener are co-partners in sin.” So here’s a friendly tip: don’t break your fast on human flesh.

I’m trying to figure out what’s worse. The fact that idiots would have the arrogance to create such a portal for Muslims, or the fact that Muslims would be stupid enough to follow and/or contribute to it. 

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