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flawedscript replied to your post: Interview Candidates From Hell

I am most like the over confident candidate, especially since the jobs I apply for don’t ask for very much, but I don’t know I just somehow become overly confident 🙁

Take note of the responses and the tone of the person interviewing you and gauge whether you’re connecting with them, or are they just going through the motions. Maintain eye contact and be quietly confident, not boisterous or smug. You should be trying to give them a sense of confidence in the skills and competence that they may be able to benefit from by having you on the team, and not make it seem as if you think you’re too good for the job because it’s a walk in the park. 

No matter how menial or junior the position may be, you have to make them believe that you see it as an important stepping stone in achieving your future career goals. 

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