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storyseldomtold replied to your post: Hey! Do you think you can interpret my hand writing for me? That was mad cool! Do you have qualifications for it or are deep in that area of study?

But my writing changes all the time… i.e if I don’t handwrite for a while. How does that say anything about my personality or traits?

The trick is not to look at how neat or untidy the handwriting is. The characteristics of how the letters are formed and various other details is what reveals the state of mind, rather than the neatness of the formation of the letters, etc. 

Also, chances are that if your handwriting is changing all the time, you’re probably going through a period of considerable growth in your life. Growth at a personal level, where your views and perspectives are morphing all the time in your efforts to discover what’s really important to you, or what you feel passionate about. 

I sometimes write in block letters and at other times in cursive, but the characteristics of the flow always still reflect my state of mind at that point. 🙂

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