Question – Handwriting Analysis


I wonder what my handwriting says about me.

Something along the lines of introverted sociopath.

Here’s my amateur take on what your writing says about you. Don’t take offence if I get it horribly wrong…I’m a bit rusty at this…

  1. You don’t care much for rules but you’ll apply them where you see practical value in them
  2. You don’t care much for making mistakes and having it out there for others to see, because their opinions rarely matter any way. Besides, you’re not striving for perfection any time soon either
  3. You’re not particularly introverted, although you may be seen to be that way at times, but you’re generally level headed and practical and find a reasonable balance between being extroverted and introverted
  4. You don’t care much for details if it doesn’t add to the final outcome in a substantial way. So you’re more likely to cut corners than you are to abide by the rules for the sake of abiding by the rules
  5. More than all this, you’re at odds with yourself in many ways. You second-guess a lot of what you do, including decisions you make. That doesn’t necessarily imply that you’re doubting yourself, but you do reflect a lot on what you think or say or do. There’s a lot more going on in your head than your rants on Tumblr suggest.
  6. You have a creative streak that you’re suppressing. 

That’s it from me. How wrong am I? (Respond quickly because this will probably be deleted soon) 🙂

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