I sit here and witness the endless cycle that has played out so many times before. First the engagement, then the enlightenment, the burst of enthusiasm coupled with commitment to common goals, followed by empowerment, only to be destroyed by shameless politics. This is the cycle that my career has gone through on more occasions than I care to remember.

And so it is again. Having spent the last year unravelling the chaos in this place, we established much needed controls and protocols to achieve a level of stability and predictability of IT systems never before achieved in this organisation, but as always, the lack of a comprehensive people change management programme threatens to undermine all the work that was done simply because the naysayers and whiners that refuse to break out of their comfort zones will hang on for dear life to every last strand of their political connections to try to undermine the changes that are sweeping through their backyards.

This is a rant about corporate governance, corporate politics, and spineless incompetence that plagues most organisations these days. In such a climate, it’s never about hard work, nor innovation, creativity or taking one for the team. It’s only ever about towing the line according to the political will and appetite of the ill-informed.

The kind of stuff that complacency is made of.

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