Idiot Privilege

In the almost two weeks that I stayed away from Tumblr, the one recurring thought that plagued me was the level of victimisation and victim-consciousness that seems to pervade most contentious debates. The problem with aggressive victims though is that they’re so defensive in their bid to appear in control, that they fail to see how obtuse they often are in being able to grasp another perspective. 

Apparently, suggesting that the victim-conscious state of mind even exists is a neo-liberalism attempt at some or other bullshit to subjugate a people blah blah blah (or so I’ve been told in very colourful language, I might add). Every single situation I’ve ever encountered in life where a conflict of ideas or principles presented themselves resulted in one party being a victim and the other a master. The only way you can possibly part as equals while holding opposing views is if both parties have the maturity to agree to disagree after presenting rational arguments to substantiate their views.

Similarly, with emotions, you’re either a victim or a master of your emotions. Victims are prone to tantrums, angry outbursts, mood swings and defeatist behaviour, among many other similarly destructive traits, while those that even attempt to master their state are by nature optimistic, albeit morbidly so at times, and proactive. This is a gross over simplification of this issue, but my point is simple. Every single troll out there is a moron who has a severely dented ego and therefore needs to reaffirm their worth through slamming someone else. It’s only in their assumed ability to abuse someone else that they find any self-worth.

And so I coined the phrase that titles this post. Idiot privilege. It’s a privilege earned by idiots who believe that inflexibility and indoctrination through fear and reprisal is the only way to win an argument or further a cause based on the regurgitation of quotes and philosophies of scholars and historians and war heroes that probably wouldn’t wish to be in the same room as them because of the stench of their ignorance. Unfortunately it’s this very same type of behaviour that sways the masses, which is why trolls and morons will always have groupies, while those attempting to sincerely unravel the complexity of life and the human psyche will remain flabbergasted at the audacity of those that know not.

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