I have quite a difficult time sifting through the judgmental tendencies of people though most people are guilty of that sometimes (I’ve done it), but I often think that the speed, anonymity and false sense of ‘space’ online makes it easier for some people to attack one another. 

Its so easy to say that stuff to another Muslim online but would you do it in the more tangible community that includes your family, friends and colleagues right to his or her face?  

Do you honestly care as to whether or not they will be affected by your “advice” or are you blowing off some steam? Its not going to make you feel much better. At the end of the day, no matter how much time you waste here, these exercises are futile. The most they can do is hurt you.

These sort of webs that we create for ourselves and ensnare one another in are not often the most accurate representations of reality, let alone sources of pertinent and nuanced information that we can actually apply to our own contexts and practical affairs.

Lots of truth in that. I’ve often pondered much on the same issue. People that are so proud and arrogant in their proclamation of who is or is not deviants, which scholars are misguided, and who’s kafir would barely say a word if they came face to face with the people they so easily accused of all these things online. The anonymity of the url has bolstered some people’s egos to the point where they believe that if their url is known, and they’re not deliberately anonymous, then it makes them sincere. 

What a delusion. Sincerity can only ever be truly tested face to face, if then also. The manners and etiquette that many display online would land them in fist fights and well-deserved beatings in real life if they displayed such gall or callousness to their adversary’s face. Tumblr, if nothing else, is a good litmus test of your iman. Act with impunity under the guise of standing up for what is right without due consideration for the feelings of a fellow Muslim, and it will be a very real reflection of the void in your soul that should have been filled with the love for Allah and what He loves. 

We delude ourselves all the time, while Shaytaan sits behind us giggling his butt off watching us plot and plan his next move because he has so successfully made us believe that our arrogance is in fact rooted in piety. What a disappointing joke.

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