Sisters, you are meant to be a comfort in this dunya for your husbands.


Don’t become the reason for their anguish or stress. They face enough of that from work and the community. Remember that it is their job primarily to give da’wah and to build a community but they won’t be able to do so unless they are at peace from within. That comes from you. Causing fitnah within your home would only take them away from helping the ummah on a greater level. What man will have the strength to go out and battle this world when they’re already exhausted from the war at home? Be the reason for their calmness. Their break from everything which tires them out, the one to rejuvenate them. Make them unable to wait to come home to you at the end of every day because you are the only relief for them in this world. You don’t know how many women destroy their husbands’ potentials to do more for this ummah, for Allah subhan wa ta’ala from the husbands wanting to stay outside of home for as long as possible.

Realize your impact. 

It’s not about you. It’s about something greater. Although you won’t be the focus, you will be the roots from which the gardens will grow.

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