Random Thoughts

I read an interesting post this evening about many interesting things…what struck me the most about it was the references to random events or occurrences, and also the basis of scientific theories as opposed to the use of the word ‘theory’ as a colloquial term. So I started wondering about randomness and if it really does exist…I mean, can something really be random in the true sense of the word, or do we just use the term ‘random’ to describe something that either has no discernible pattern, or just isn’t important enough for us to want to figure out the order that exists within it?

I think it’s both, and I also think that in its truest form, randomness does not exist. If it did, it would mean that the laws of cause and effect are fluid and not fixed. So I think that everything has a predictable and fixed pattern, but when the variables are either unknown, or too numerous to compute, we refer to it as random. 

Another random thought I had was about evolution, origins of creation and all that interesting stuff that I seem to get myself caught debating so often recently. Just like evolution is a scientific theory, and if I understood the post correctly, it would appear to be a significantly misunderstood theory as well. I could then also through a similar approach theorise that my view on creationism is in fact as scientifically grounded as evolutionary theory. For me, within the context of creationism, it is entirely logical to believe that all the species in their current form were created that way with the similarities and differences exactly as it is in order to be a model for us to realise how minor differences in parameters of creation can cause such significant differences in existence and being. 

This makes more sense in my head than it does in words…so I’ll stop before I get a headache…

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