It stumps me every single time…seeing a message of frustration and anger, or disillusionment and abandonment or self-doubt being posted by someone that truly has a natural beauty about them, yet they feel ugly, or unloved, or unworthy…WHY?

Is the blatant and shallow competition of appearance so distracting that it makes it so easy to forget what beauty resides within? For me, a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul/character is the total package. Having someone that has the looks but is self-centred and self-obsessed very quickly erodes any respect I may have had for them. 

Having someone that is tardy in appearance and unkempt, or just lacks any inclination to be well groomed and presentable, but with a beautiful soul is also a turn off. Confidence is definitely the most beautiful thing a woman can wear, but that confidence is not just in appearance.

A woman that is stunningly beautiful on the outside, but is slutty by nature, lacks that spiritual glow that completes her beauty which makes her just another commodity. Yet a woman that is of average appearance but has that spiritual glow that results from confidence, dignity and self-respect (to name a few) will easily attract the attention of the most discerning of potential partners. I know that definitely is a major turn on for me. 

Insecurity breeds desperation. And desperate people can be bought. Men and women alike. What you pay for the transaction is all that distinguishes their market value, or market niche…but nonetheless, they remain a commodity.

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