distinctly depressing is scrolling through my tumblr dash waiting for something to inspire me but nothing does so i feel worse than i did before i started because now not only is it depressing not finding something inspiring but its also depressing that im unable to be inspired and all i feel like doing is screaming but all that comes out is a yelp because ive used tumblr to express myself for so long on so much of the most important things so often that i forgot how to express myself verbally because everything was either a like a reblog or a passionate post that was largely ignored while looking at my dash and seeing some lame pic of tall grass that is out of focus and poorly lit with no focal point getting 1000 notes while my brilliant piece of prose about something so intimately fascinating just went unnoticed leaving me uninspired and feeling neglected and wondering about wandering or maybe even deleting and leaving…but im addicted…hopelessly addicted…fuck.

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