Well, it’s a touchy subject. You can’t hope to rally the other progressives on your side if you speak with such words. It’s kind of annoying, I know, but at the same time, you have to keep in mind that a lot of those zealous people are first and foremost: victims. Those religions have been carefully created to enslave human minds, it’s brainwashing since the cradle. That’s why it’s a touchy subject: some progressives only see this, while other people associate all Muslims to be terrorist and such. We have to make the distinction very clearly and in a way that our fellow progressives can get behind, so we are not thrown too easily in the second category.

Of course, you’ll always have idiots (yes, true idiots) who only care about pushing their own subjective agendas. Even the most reasonable, polite and well-thought critic of an act violating universal human rights, if committed by a non-white-heterosexual-christian-male, will go at best to be dismissed, at worst to be rooted in this stupid concept of “Islamophobia”. 

So basically, our goal should be first and foremost to rally all progressives back in track of defending universal human rights, no exception. Once they stop standing in the way of progress, we can hope to bring changes in the law and society as a whole in order to protect individuals from the brainwashing and mind destruction of religions. Let’s just hope that happens before WE become the minority, thanks to their irresponsible birth rate.

This is so pompous and ill-informed, it seriously lacks any humour and barely holds any merit. A bunch of ‘progressives’ patting each other on their backs for taking a stand about everyone else’s belief systems as self-declared protectors of the freedom of religion under the guise of protecting universal human rights for those that were too irresponsible to think before having children. Right?

Perhaps it would do the author/s good if they actually sought to understand the issues before spewing this drivel. Also, it would also be great if they bothered to look at the deliberate and consistent provocation involved in the incident that they so liberally reference in their posts. One more thing worth noting is that religion has become a cash cow for the cash strapped and creatively challenged media outlets. When sales fall, pick on the Muslims, but ensure you to do it to the point where you’ll provoke an irrational response, cry foul and defend your freedom of speech, and then watch your sales figures go through the roof. The same satirical publication referenced in these posts did exactly that a few years ago, and it seems they’ve realised how profitable it can be.

Hopefully some day soon the Muslims will realise that they’re being baited, that they’re fighting a losing battle trying to earn dignity for Muslims through secular courts and that in fact their only chance at salvaging their dignity is in true reform, and not assimilation. Reform of their own actions, reform of their inclination to pick and choose what is or is not good to implement in their lives, reform of the practice of Islam independent of the cultural contamination that has served to polarise the Ummah in ways that we have yet to realise. 



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