I need to engage with more Muslims that are similarly passionate about resisting the ritualistic observance of Islam, but instead are hungry to understand the purpose and beauty of it. Not just the beauty that we’re told it is by the ‘respected elders’ but the realisation of its beauty that we feel individually. 

I’m starting to despise the rhetoric, the condescension and the air of superiority from those that think that the madhabs and the Indo-Pak interpretation of Islam is the purist form of its application. I lose respect for those that do without understanding, or at least make no effort to even try to understand. 

I despise the blind faith that so many place in their leaders, or sheikhs, imams, maulanas, and others. We’ve done this to such an extent that we’ve inadvertently created a hierarchy not dissimilar to the Christian church! We’re imitating in ways we don’t realise, and I need desperately to find and engage with others that are equally appalled by this, so that InshaAllah we can collectively contribute to the reawakening of the Ummah. 

We keep talking about how Islam was hijacked by Al-Qaeda, Wahhabism, the West, etc. but we fail to see how we’ve surrendered Islam to the social elite! 

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