What would it be like if our real life was a reflection of our Tumblr personalities? I often used to wonder about it the other way around, as in what would we be like on Tumblr if our blogs reflected who we are in real life. I suspect that there are some that may have this commonality between the two realms, but most probably don’t. To a large extent including me. 

If I can get 50 or 100 or perhaps even 1000’s of followers on Tumblr without revealing my whole self, what does this suggest about me? Or is it really a suggestion about everyone else? I mean, does it suggest that I am actually capable of being more popular in real life than I am at present, or ever have been…or does it mean that people will potentially like me less if I introduced all the social stigmas into my online profile so that they would then follow me based not just on what I think or post or like, but on what I look like, where I live, what race group I’m from or what religion I follow?

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