Come Here and Get to Know Me


You don’t know me. 

To know me

you have to love me.

You can love me.

Come here and love me.

Allow this introduction start

to be our blank canvas of love art.

Let me share paint love beauty

within across the gentle rising of your chest

with the gentle rhythms strokes of my heart tongue.

And if you like you can unravel the stitching,

poking holes where you see fit,

desired effect of love paint seeping through.

We can share this adoration art

as we trickle it across the floors,

splashing it around with our hearts fingers.

We can fill the days with it,

blissful as it soaks into all the trees,

enchanted as the flowers turn an aquamarine,

inspired as the raccoons turn a vivid blue.

We can recolor the dirt and granular rocks

with a more desirable and inviting hue

so that both children and grown ups alike

will dream play in sand boxes, enlivened fascinated once again.

If you’d like it swim in indigo oceans

and witness chrome red passions laughter

we can decorate every facet of this world

with our display of uninhibited amour shades.

Or if you’d prefer to create a more introspective

romance art we can keep the tints within,

as we discover the bronze and sapphire dyes of our limbs.

This is love art and this is an expression of art love.

If you’d like to explore create all you’ve ever dreamt to see

come here and love get to know me.

by: me.


* This was the most enjoyable piece I’ve yet to write.  I feel happy 🙂

Zaid Ismail

Author, life coach, and mental health activist. We need to change the narrative from disorders, illnesses, and survival to accountability, understanding, and thriving.

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