9/11 – The Real Sad Truth

If you still believe the official storyline, then you haven’t been paying attention. Logic doesn’t lie. And not everyone that questions the lies is being insensitive to the human losses and tragedies of the day. That is exactly why you must question what did those innocents really die for, and who made it so.


P.S. It seems, based on questions posed to me, that questioning the official storyline on this tragedy is perceived as disrespect towards the victims and their families and significant others. That’s hogwash of the first degree. If ever there was disrespect shown, it would be to accept blatant lies and cover-ups, half truths, and obvious manipulations, because by accepting that, the truth will never be known and the true reason for their deaths will always be a secret…so what we commemorate will be a lie, and therefore the true respect and honour that we should show to those that perished will never be realised, because we’ll be revering the very same people that could easily be complicit in their demise. 

You’d think that the inconvenient truth would be worth uncovering in the face of such a tragedy. But it seems that most would rather put this behind them than ask the questions that the official storyline refuses to answer.

Why so much secrecy?

Why so many illogical statements?

Why so many eminent scholars recognised as specialists in their fields of expertise dismissed or demonised?

Why such hate-mongering?

Why are we afraid to ask for transparency and truth, instead of allowing them to hide behind the lie of state security? 

Why are we so complacent in the face of obvious and blatant manipulation of the facts? 

Why are we afraid to ask why?

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