Be less jaded…

Quick hit list to be less jaded:

  1. Smell the coffee in the morning, don’t just drink it because you need a boost
  2. Close your eyes and absorb the relief you feel the next time an unexpected breeze brushes past your face, or blows through your hair (If you have no hair to blow through, then you need this more than ever!)
  3. Appreciate the quirks of your partner, and remember what attracted you to them, rather than growing irritable and annoyed at the fact that they don’t always get what you’re saying
  4. Smile at yourself, even laugh if you really did something stupid enough to warrant it. You don’t have to have it together all the time.
  5. Be human
  6. Be unpredictable
  7. Be original
  8. Be true to yourself
  9. Be sincere
  10. Be you, and stop trying to be someone you think others will like

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