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Tag: society

In Gratitude

Apparently one of the most profound and base needs of a human being is to be appreciated. Express appreciation, meaningful appreciation for what someone does, and there’s almost no limit to what they’ll be willing to do for you. Take … Continue Reading In Gratitude

The Best In Me

I’ve found, and recent experiences have confirmed this to be true as well, that in order to see the true nature of someone, you should demand the best from them. Demand that they be all that you know they have … Continue Reading The Best In Me

Dying is Easy

During my morbid years, you know, the years that are accompanied by knowing everything, followed by the years of futility before we realise that adults are weighed down with responsibility rather than just being deliberately boring, I found it attractive … Continue Reading Dying is Easy

Sincerely Dishonest

I’ve always believed that dishonesty is the worst sign of disrespect. I just wish I could dismiss it as pure¬†dishonesty that easily. That burden of awareness can really weigh you down at times like this. Being aware of what drives … Continue Reading Sincerely Dishonest

A Thousand Thoughts

The last few weeks have been harrowing but beautiful. It was a combination of everything that is wrong with this world, and everything that could be right. It took me from the depths of despair and despondency to the heights … Continue Reading A Thousand Thoughts