Composed Insanity

It's been a long time since I've felt any sense of composure about me. I constantly feel as if I'm on the edge of finding that elusive balance, but each time I flirt with that notion I find myself immersed in yet another challenge or another initiative that is almost always self-imposed. Despite this, I'm [...]

Of Narcissism and Doubt

There is a dose of narcissism that is required if I am ever going to embark on writing that book about my rambles. I've despised such indulgences throughout my life because I've always felt like enough is never achieved to warrant such smugness or arrogance. I've been called all that and much more, but the [...]

A Self-Indulgent Reflection

I have a  tendency to over commit. It's a recent change in my personality, although many would probably accuse me of doing it for most of my life. I'm often seen as the guy that rarely says no, but my recent spate of over commitment is not a result of wishing to please, or trying [...]