Does It Matter?

I watch with a very cursory sense of interest how the significance which people associate with their contribution to a given course or situation influences their conviction in what they say or do. This becomes somewhat morbidly amusing when I see all the corporate gurus that define elaborate strategies to foster staff engagement and collaboration,

The Purge

Today was one of those days when I needed to be purged of everything vile that I am compelled to deal with. It was a day in which I was reminded of the stench of betrayal, the slithery undertones of ingratitude, and the arrogance of authority. But in between all this I was faced with

A Humble Ego

I noticed the disruptive force of popularity on me recently and I wondered if that may not be the root to all evil? My ego seems to be most stoked when I enjoy critical acclaim and recognition from others, but given a minute to reflect on the source of such acclaim, I'm quickly reminded about

Islam versus Democracy

I've seen a number of people suggest that the current state of affairs in Egypt is proof that Islam doesn't work. I disagree. In fact if anything, it proves that democracy doesn't work. Then when there is an illegal coup that suits the ones with the physical might over the populace, it's framed as the

Trust your psychiatrist at your own peril

This is one of those moments that makes me realise that simple logic will always triumph above the most baffling academic bullshit. The simple truth is that we don't have mental illnesses, nor mental disorders. We have disorders of perspective, and disorders of self-worth. The above documentary gets a lot of simple things right. It

A Self-Indulgent Reflection

I have a  tendency to over commit. It's a recent change in my personality, although many would probably accuse me of doing it for most of my life. I'm often seen as the guy that rarely says no, but my recent spate of over commitment is not a result of wishing to please, or trying