Models of Harm

The formative years. It sounds like such an innocent time in our lives when we're absorbing all these great life experiences that will one day shape our characters as adults. We unwittingly adopt the behavioural tendencies of those around us, including those we later despise and those we hold dear. Sometimes specific moments become etched

The Art of Insincerity

One of the most common observations that people share about me is that they know where they stand with me. I'm the one that usually speaks everyone else's mind for them when they lack the courage to be bold. I don't do this deliberately, I do it out of frustration. That frustration stems from the

The Hazard of Conviction

The risk of living your life with conviction is falling in love too easily. Stop. Not every statement of love is about needy bonds between two people. No. Love is more wholesome when it is considered within the context of giving of yourself without restraint just so that you can experience the joy of such

Expectations and Ingratitude

I sometimes find myself taking offence when someone does not fulfil my rights. I mean, it's my rights, so why shouldn't I get offended if they abdicate their responsibility in the process? But then I felt that familiar twinge I usually feel whenever I know I'm being deliberately arrogant. It's a twinge that causes me

The Reciprocation of Trust

The strange irony of not being able to trust others is that it inherently makes you untrustworthy. If we just set aside our egosĀ for a minute, we'll quickly realise that trusting others is not a reflection of their integrity, but is in fact a reflection of our sincerity, or lack thereof. I think it goes