Muslims and Diana, Goddess of the Hunt

Here’s a classic article to demonstrate the ignorance of Muslims today. The article discusses one of my pet peeves, which is the adoption of the moon and star as symbols of Islam. It confirms my previous statements about its unsavoury origins and also confirms that it is directly adopted from Diana, goddess of the hunt

Here’s the part that proves the ignorance I’m talking about. Further down the page, after the facts are presented around the origins of these symbols in Islam, and after confirming the use of flags and no symbols during the time of Rasulullah (SAW) and many centuries thereafter, they provide a poll to allow people to vote for their preferred symbol of Islam. 

The results indicate an overwhelming majority still selecting the symbol of Diana as the symbol of Islam. This is just sad.

To further demonstrate how far gone we are, take a look at the live video feed from Makkah during the prayer times, especially Taraweeh. Notice the people that walk nonchalantly through the rows of people praying without any concern at all. Notice how many are walking between Saffa and Marwa as part of their Umrah, and instead of focusing on the deed at hand, they’re jumping up and down with cell phones in their hands waving at the fixed cameras mounted along the route. 

I guess it’s not as bad as the guy I saw having a good old chat on his cell phone while making tawaaf in his designer sunglasses at night, but it’s still quite disturbing.

Sorry for the rant, but it’s disheartening to see Muslims behave this way, and then we wonder why we’re trodden over throughout the world? Why we can’t even take care of our own in our own back yard? Why we’re constantly reaching out to the UN and US to assist us instead of turning to Allah and rectifying our ways? We’ve lost the plot. But one thing that’s never in short supply is our criticism of each other’s performance of the rituals of Islam, because that is all we have the intellectual capacity to focus on. 

We’re as pretentiously pious as the non-Muslims are materialistically distracted. 

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